Have you ever found yourself in a funk? Maybe thinking about how everyone else is somehow succeeding – whether it’s at life, career, family, money, body – and you are decidedly, not?

I used to be like this. I would get into downward spirals, sometimes on purpose, and just dig myself deeper and deeper with little light ever coming in. This happened especially when I was younger (being a teenager is tough!) and had very little confidence in myself.

I remember crying in my mom’s bed, telling her how I had no friends (completely untrue) and how I wasn’t smart enough (straight A student), and had no talent (captain of my basketball team and dancer for many years). My mom is amazing, but she would just look so confused, like why are you telling yourself this story?

crystals, positive psychology, positivity

Fast forward to today, and I’m a much more positive and mindful person. Why? Because I KNOW how our attitudes and mindset can shift our reality. Positive actions and outcomes stem from positive energy and emotion. Read that one more time. Positive actions and outcomes stem from positive energy and emotion.

crystals, positive psychology, positivity

When we have a positive outlook on life, we actually live longer. As early as 2001, researchers found that being optimistic actually reduced the risk of cancer and heart disease, and even was associated with people having fewer colds. What?! Positive outcome could help me be less sick? Now, I’ve got your attention, right?

Positive energy and emotions tend to:

  • ✔️Broaden our thinking
  • ✔️Expand our awareness
  • ✔️Increase our abilities
  • ✔️Build resiliency
  • ✔️Offset negative emotions
  • ✔️Generate new possibilities
  • ✔️Create an upward spiral of learning and growth
crystals, positive psychology, positivity

The power of positivity is real, but how do we become one of those happy, glowy, positive people? Let’s break it down into three simple steps:

  1. Surround yourself with positive people
  2. Tell yourself positive stories about yourself and of your future
  3. Positive attention in the present moment (mindfulness)

Surround Yourself With Positive People

crystals, positive psychology, positivity

Have you ever heard that saying that you are a reflection of the five closest people around you? If you surround yourself with people who are constantly complaining, constantly upset, think the whole world is against them – then evaluate those relationships.

I’m not saying to ditch everyone around you, but the power of positivity extends beyond your own thoughts. Maybe encourage your friends or family to look at the brighter side of things.

Tell Yourself Positive Stories

crystals, positive psychology, positivity

Are you the kind of person that is always telling everyone how you have it worse than everyone else? Stop it!! We have tens of thousands of thoughts per day, and many of them are repeated thoughts. Why not make those loops positive thoughts, instead of getting lost in the negativity.

If you find yourself spiraling down into negative thoughts, ask yourself:

1. How did this situation make a positive contribution to my own development? (What did you learn?)

2. How else could you describe this situation?

There’s always multiple parts to a story, try to frame yours positively.

Bring Positive Attention to the Present Moment

crystals, positive psychology, positivity

You may have seen this coming, but mindfulness can help you become a more positive person. Right now, you are sitting, maybe reading this on your phone, breathing, alive, perhaps healthy – there is so much to be grateful for right now in this very moment.

From your food, your clothes, your home, relationships, and yes – your body. Bringing more positive attention in each moment will help you become a more positive person with an optimistic outlook on life.

So tell me, what is one thing you want to implement today to be more positive?




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