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5 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress While Trying to Conceive

19th October 2021

5 easy ways to reduce stress while trying to conceive Embarking on a fertility journey can feel long and overwhelming at times. It is important to have strategies in place to help you cope with stress and anxiety, particularly if you are a Type-A personality that likes everything to be perfect at all times! These […]

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5 Ways Gut Health Impacts Fertility

21st February 2020

   One of my favorite parts about working in functional nutrition is that I get to take a deeper dive into the root causes of health issues. Fertility is something that is so interconnected to every system in the body, that we sometimes forget that something that may seem totally unrelated, could actually be the […]

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5R Approach to Gut Health

18th February 2020

Harnessing the Power of 5R’s for Optimal Gut Health  If you’ve read my other posts about how gut health is so important for fertility, then you’re probably wondering how you can approach the process of healing. Enter: the 5R Framework for Gut Healing. *While I recommend working with a health practitioner to help guide you […]

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5 Reasons to Work with a Fertility Dietitian Nutritionist

31st January 2020

You may be thinking – I don’t need to work with a fertility dietitian / nutritionist, I already eat pretty healthy (weekend margs don’t count right?), I exercise, drink my green juices … and besides, I can get any nutrition information I really need through Google. Well, my friend… I’m here to break down five […]

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What is a Fertility Dietitian?

28th January 2020

I thought I’d write this post out to clear up any confusion you may have. Maybe you’ve heard of what a dietitian does, and maybe you’ve heard of fertility specialists – but perhaps this is the first time you’ve heard of a fertility dietitian. So here we go. I’m going to break down exactly what […]

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