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Healthy Grilled Salmon Kebabs

7th January 2019

This may be my all-time favorite recipe. No lies. I absolutely love salmon, and let’s be honest, grilling it with some lemon and spices can get pretty old quickly. Enter these super delicious, super easy, super moist, salmon kebab skewers. I love this recipe because its easy enough to throw together during the week, but […]

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Easy Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

23rd December 2018

There’s nothing I love more than recipes that are super easy to throw together, hit all of my nutritional benchmarks, and are the best for meal prepping for busy weeks. This easy quinoa salad was inspired by flavors of the Mediterranean – with toasted pine nuts, a mix of cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, mint, and sumac. […]

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goddess power bowl, macrobiotic bowl, vegan lunch, meal prep, healthy meal prep

Goddess Power Bowl Meal Prep

19th October 2018

I have this thing with bowls. I mean, let’s be honest: most meals I eat are from a bowl, and they usually look like just this. There’s something so satisfying and nourishing about a bowl full of warm veggies, whole grains, crunchy seeds, and a delicious creamy dressing to top it off. And for the […]

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thai tofu stir fry, vegetarian, vegan, healthy, easy, weeknight dinner

Thai Tofu Stir Fry

11th October 2018

While I absolutely love cooking, most days of the week I’m too busy to be bothered with something elaborate – that’s what the weekends are for! But when I want something nourishing, filling, and healthy – I always opt for this simple and delicious vegetarian Thai tofu stir fry with spicy red curry sauce and […]

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guacamole greens salad

Guacamole Greens Salad (Sweetgreen Copycat)

27th September 2018

One of my favorite salads from Sweetgreen is their guacamole greens salad. I don’t know why, but I just love it. I would rack up so many Sweetgreen points just from this salad, and every time I eat it, I remember those long days in the library during grad school, feeling nourished by this bowl. […]

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