Hey there! I'm Anabelle, Integrative Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, specializing in Women's Health & Fertility.

Hi beautiful. Are you struggling to get pregnant? Are you tired of trying to figure out what to eat on a fertility diet? I work exclusively with women trying to conceive using integrative and functional nutrition. Together, we will balance your hormones, get your energy back, and improve your chances of getting pregnant. Join hundreds of other women who have seen incredible results with my Signature Method: Nourish, Detox, and Thrive.

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Personalized Nutrition Counseling for Women TTC

It’s time to work with someone who gets it. No more googling into the night, doubting yourself, or wondering what you're doing wrong. I work with highly motivated women to uncover the root causes of hormonal imbalance and infertility. At Wellspring Nutrition, we practice integrative and functional nutrition, and focus on the whole person - not just symptoms to achieve results. I believe that true health is cultivated using a holistic approach that is sustainable in the long run - no more quick fixes or bandaid solutions. It's time for you to feel your best. Let's get you pregnant!

Nice Things People Say

I loved working with Anabelle. She was so easy to talk to, and helped me work through some of the challenges I had when it came to my wellness. After working together, I felt more energized and more prepared to take charge of my own health.

- Reesha

Anabelle is an incredible nutritionist - she helped me zero in on my challenges, and establish healthy habits that I've kept on to.

- Megan

As someone who struggles with PCOS, I was so happy to work with Anabelle as she explained to me how to clean up my diet to improve my chances of getting pregnant.

- Chelsea

Nourish. Detox. Thrive.


Learn how to Nourish your body with specific nutrients for egg quality.

Receive recipes and meal plans specifically designed to help you reduce inflammation and balance your hormones.

Detox your environment from harsh endocrine disrupting chemicals and toxins.

Discover how to heal your gut and balance your microbiome.

Learn how to finally reduce your stress, sleep well, and thrive.

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Free, no fluff and science-backed nutrition advice for the fearless woman who’s ready to get pregnant, have a healthy pregnancy, and most importantly, a healthy baby. New videos posted every week!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is integrative and functional nutrition?

Integrative and Functional Nutrition (IFN) therapy is a leading-edge, evidence-based, systems biology approach to patient care that focuses on identifying root causes and imbalances to significantly improve patient health outcomes.

Why fertility nutrition?

Diet and lifestyle play a very important role in fertility. There are certain key nutrients that can improve egg and sperm health, balance hormones like estrogen and progesterone, and aid in uterine lining and implantation. While many fertility clinics will jump to using pharmaceutical interventions for infertility, I work with you on addressing your diet and environment to improve these issues holistically using food as medicine.

When Should I Start Preparing for Pregnancy?

The earlier the better! But at minimum, preparing 3-4 months before trying is ideal. This is because an egg takes 90-100 days to fertilize - meaning all of your nutrient stores from the last 3 months will go into the egg that will be fertilized and eventually become your baby. By working on your nutrition and health prior to conception, you're ensuring the very best start for your baby's health!

I have PCOS, can I really get pregnant?

Absolutely! PCOS is one of the most common, but treatable, causes of infertility in women. In women with PCOS, the hormonal imbalance interferes with the growth and release of eggs from the ovaries (ovulation). If you don't ovulate, you can't get pregnant. While every case is different, we can work together on improving blood sugar balance, ovulation, and insulin resistance to improve your chances of conceiving naturally.