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If you’re currently trying to conceive, you may have seen information around the internet about prioritizing non-toxic skincare and products – why?

What Are EDC’s?

The reason for prioritizing non-toxic products for fertility is to reduce the number of chemicals and endocrine disrupters you’re using on your body, which can impact your hormone health and reproductive health.

Some known endocrine disrupting hormones are:

  • Pesticides – like glyphosate
  • Phthalates – found in so many skincare products
  • PCBs and Dioxins
  • BPA Plastic
  • Chemical retardants
  • Perfluorochemicals found in clothes

Honestly, it can get very overwhelming pretty quickly when you start to think about the sheer volume of chemicals found in our skincare, makeup, cleaning products (even baby products!!)

Below I wanted to share some of my favorite non-toxic skincare brands to help you see that there are so many amazing companies producing clean products that won’t mess with your hormones or impact your chances of conceiving.

My Favorite Non-Toxic Brands for Fertility

  • Tata Harper – I love their face masks and toners
  • Ilia – beautiful bronzers and highlighters
  • Kosas – pretty much all my makeup is from this brand. Super high quality
  • Follain – I used to work for this company and learned soo much about clean beauty. Awesome resources and beautiful products.
  • Credo – they have stores across the US and they carry so many different brands. One of my favorite stores to visit when I’m in NYC, Boston, or San Francisco.
  • Primally Pure – their deodorant is amazing!

There you have it! I know there are so many more amazing brands out there, so if there’s one you know and love, let me know in the comments or DM on Instagram!

Looking for More Support?

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non toxic skincare for fertility

My Favorite Non-Toxic Skincare Brands for Fertility


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